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I began writing thanks to a fortunate coincidence. At that time, I was asked by a chief editor if I could write something about a physical aspect of fish that was based on biological facts. I could and I did! So began my writing career as an author of articles for the special interest sector. Even though I occasionally explore other subjects, it will always be the natural scientific questions and findings that fascinate me the most.


Born and raised in the “Ruhrpott” (local slang for the Ruhr region in North Rhine-Westphalia) I always spent a lot of time outdoors: catching three-spine sticklebacks for my own aquarium, watching woodpeckers with binoculars or tracking and sketching animal footprints. From quite early on, I was absolutely certain that I would study biology. Before my studies, I completed my civilian service at a biological station. During this time I began to concentrate on nature photography and thus created the basis for my photographic skills.


A passion for biology & fly-fishing


After I completed my Ph.D. thesis I went to Hamburg where I gained work experience in a publishing house. Not only was I introduced to editorial work, I also wrote my own articles for national and international magazines. Over the years I could improve my style of writing, which at the beginning, was understandably highly influenced by the formal and scientific writing style in academia.

A couple of years later my first book was published. In it you will find my text and photographs, but you will also see my ability to create graphic designs.


To honour a grey lady


I always make an effort to spend as much time as possible outdoors. This is certainly helpful for somebody with a passion for fly fishing! In case I am not casting a line at a stretch of water, I am involved in projects dealing with species conservation and the restoration of rivers. If not outside, then I am probably working on my blog „The Grayling Gazette – Grayling, Trout & General Fly-Fishing & Fish Culture”.

Speaking of grayling: this website is named after one of the most beautiful fish roaming through our waters. Furthermore, I feel a very special connection to the thymallus, which is its Latin name, due to the fact that it was indeed the “Lady of the River” who took the first fly I had ever offered.


Kind regards

Axel Wessolowski, Ph.D.


P.S.: Also online at LinkedIn!